sabato 28 gennaio 2012

Simyo cut its rate of 1 GB to 12,95 EUR

Increasingly more people have a smarphone and using Internet mobile, and in turn more and more people demand more consumption data with new applications for streaming and the intensive use of the terminal. This increasingly are more offers 500 MB and reductions in the prices.

This time has been Simyo who is to joined these rebates, specifically to the next step to the put its tariff from 1 GB to 12.95 euros/month, ideal for those who they sail much but they do not speak too much, an attitude that increasingly is going to be more undoubtedly

In this case is not a temporary promotion, it is a definitive and no additional minimum consumption price. Make sense without worries already be arriving at the Giga will be reduced to 64 Kbps speed. This is something for this rate as other tariffs and MVNOs typically charge excess rather than reduce the speed. Finally let's review that it offers simyo mobile Internet:

0 cents/min to Simyo (max 10 min/call) and 8 cents/min to the rest

In any case, the messages have a cost of 9 cents/SMS and traffic is valid for P2P, VoIP, and tethering.

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