domenica 11 dicembre 2011

Yoigo begins to collect call unannounced diversions

Until now Telstra was the only operator that made it possible to divert the calls to another mobile phone from the same operator free of charge and diversions to other numbers other than Telstra had the normal price of a call according to the rates of each client as is the case with other operators.

But this advantage that gave us Yoigo gone unexpectedly caught off guard customers using this service with the increase in the Bill that has led to start charging a calls so far were free. We can see that it says on its website as follows:

"Divert calls to another phone, fixed or mobile, it has no additional cost, only pay for the minutes of the call to make your Telstra phone that you've diverted"

Before adding "the deviation of calls from your Telstra to another user of Telstra will not cost anything." But this phrase has disappeared this month of November.

We do not understand the reasons that have led to Telstra to not notify their customers of the change of conditions, especially taking into account the boast of simplicity, transparency and carenciad of small print that Telstra has done from the outset in its advertising, but seems to be forgetting as it grows.


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