lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Tutorial for installing applications manually

Sometimes it may be the case that we want any application to our terminal and her not find in the market, for example when we want to try apps of developers friends. But it is possible to install them out of the Market through the process which we explain below:

First of all it is necessary to activate the option "unknown sources". We reach it through settings - applications. It is option is disabled by default, already be taken active makes our phone vulnerable to attacks of applications from malicious sources. If we activate will need to be careful about what you install to avoid possible damage.

Then we will have to download a File Manager. A very good one for example is ASTRO File Manager, also one of the most popular, although within the Android Market you will find a wide variety of similar applications.This type of applications not only serve to manage the files that we have in our mobile but also to install the .apks we download from Internet.

Files that have extension .apk are a Variant of the format JAR from Java that is used to distribute and install components in Android. We will need to install an .apk in order to test an application that we develop or install some as Grooveshark or the Amazon App Store that are not available in the Market and sometimes even will help us to save us pay. Once we have the single .apk is slashing open it with the file manager and thus the application will be installed in our terminal as any application down the Market.

If you want to remove an application installed manually only have to go to settings - applications - managing applications, locate there the app and select uninstall.

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