giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

SimCity Deluxe now available in Android Market

Many years ago went on the market the first version of SimCity, which today already has become a classic game of its kind and one of the most played. It is also the forerunner of the famous Sims name which are also called the inhabitants of the virtual city created.

The game is based on the management and administration of our own city, not only in response to el urbanismo, but in the other elements relevant to the management of a City Council: taxes, lighting, traffic, waste...

And now this great title is also available for Android, downloadable from the Android Market so that all users of Google's operating system can enjoy managing their own city.

This game not only is compatible with smartphones but also tablets and Honeycomb, and works on any version of Android from Android 1.5 Cupcake. The major drawback is that you there a Demo so we can not try the game for free, will be available in its full version for 3.99 €.

SimCity Deluxe is suitable both for content as usual players wishing to play occasionally. It also has a new engine of disasters with which they will have to contend to make our city a thriving city, such as seasonal disasters, blizzards, thunderstorms and even plagues of locusts.

Also includes various types of game configurable very variable way, so we can organize "World Games" or manage heat waves. At the beginning we have seven cities inspired by cities in the world, that we rebuild with new buildings according to our tastes and we can even build up 40 famous monuments.

SimCity enthusiasts know of the multiple possibilities offered by this series of games, so now you can only download it and thus to enjoy all of them also in their Android

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