venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Nokia GEM, the prototype of full touch phone

Nokia has introduced a new concept of terminal, which features a touch screen covering the entire surface of the device. It is named Nokia GEM due to the presence of various polished surfaces that presents, which gives it a resemblance to a precious stone.

Nokia GEM is essentially a mobile device with a superficie which is entirely a touch screen. This allows change their appearance depending on the function choose the user.

For instance, when we choose the map function, one side of the device will disappear completely, including this virtual keyboard, and showed a map with the map of the location in which we find ourselves in detail, and by the other side of the phone will show a broader vision.

As the images show us, each and every one of the surfaces of the appliance are used to accommodate the different virtual buttons not leaving one free space. The following video detail illustrate the capabilities of Nokia GEM:

Jarkko Saunamäki, director of the team working on Nokia GEM, talks about his project as "device customizable for excellence".
It is even suggested that advertising messages might appear on the back of the phone, so it would serve as an advertising platform to leading this some discount on the invoice to the customers that accept this service.

Nokia GEM is based on the concept of not accommodating to any "dead space" the contrary to what happens in the designs of certain terminals. This is very practical and interesting but now presents certain disadvantages, the most obvious is the possible involuntary some function activation to transform the entire device into a touch screen.

But for now this is one of the few truly innovative ideas from those presented in the mobile telephony sector. Perhaps it could be the first outline of the phone of the future.


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